Where To Begin

We spoke earlier this about how parents are hoping that by dropping their children off at church, their children will develop an everyday faith…the problem is for the average family, church only has about 40 hours a year to influence a child…where as

The average parent has over 3000 hours of influence each year in the lives of their children.  This encompasses car rides, time around the table, times during the day where parents and kids are together and where influence can happen.  When a parent can use some of those 3000 hours to influence their child spiritually, we can see an everyday faith develop.

“Be Kind and Loving to each other” Catch them doing something right, and encourage the right behavior. When you connect social behavior to biblical principle, you make the bible come alive for a child/student.  You can catch them being kind and loving especially with in the home with their siblings.  Make sure to model this behavior with your spouse and with others outside you home.


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