Choose The Voices Your Child Listens To

We have spoken many times here on Parenting on Purpose about who influences your child.  It can be media, peers, teachers etc.  Teens still say that their parents have the number one influence in their lives, even if they don’t act like it. How are we using this influence? We can get discouraged and allow those other influences to be louder then our voice as parents or we can choose to use our voice for good in our teen’s life.

This is the action of our faith. Do we live out our faith on a day to day basis for our children to observe?  When we do this they can see that their own faith is a daily walk and not just a Sunday event.  Their “moral compass” or the Holy Spirit will be the guide to help them filter through all the other “voices” that are around them.  Choose to make your faith an every day event to encourage your children in their own journey with Christ.


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