Setting The Example

Like many areas of parenting, teaching your child to serve is easy when you are able to set an example for them to follow.  There are many ways to set the example.  The first is simply daily serving your closest neighbors, your family.  It will be easy to teach your children to serve if it is already a habit that you have.  In order to create this habit, make it a goal to serve either your spouse or a child at least once everyday.   Many moms spend their days serving the needs of the small children around them.  An easy way to help create the habit in your small children is to have them help you serve “daddy.”  Maybe when he gets home from work have one of them help you bring daddy his favorite drink.  You can even make it a game to see who can do something to serve daddy first.

Another way to teach a servant attitude is by being aware of who you can serve while you are out and about.  Again with children, especially on the long days they are home from school, make it another game to see who can spot a need that you as a family can fill.   Like maybe helping an elderly person load their car with their groceries, or carrying an umbrella when its raining, even taking the shopping carts back to the designated area instead of leaving it by the car.

For better or worse children are excellent mimics.  Let it count in their favor and be a great example of serving the people around you!