Another “E” in the training Process is exposure.  We as parents must set the example first in our service of others but secondly we must look for opportunities for our children to serve.  We spoke yesterday that this begins in our own home with serving our family members but we after this area we can look for bigger areas of ministry.  Check with your church to see if there are any families in need of meals.  In any church at any time there may be many families who could use this service due to illness or a new baby.  Make it a family service project and get your kids involved in every area from shopping for the food to preparing it.

Another area of service could be checking with your church to see if there are any elderly who need help around their house with basic projects that they can’t do anymore.  Make a family service day even one day a month, especially during time off, is a great way to teach kids.

There are always local ministries who need help as well in various ways.  For Sheridan House, we can always use volunteers to help with any of our events.  Looking for ways to expose your children to service in this capacity is a great way to train.  Make a day of it, often, and serve together as a family.  Service should be part of a families DNA.  To those of us who have been given so much through the God’s grace, service should be our way of showing our gratitude for what He has done for us.