The final “E” in the training process is encouragement.  Think about your parenting style.  Are you an encourager?  What do you encourage for?  Many of us encourage our children when they do great in sports or when they do well in school but have a hard time encouraging the small successes every day.  Teaching our children to have an attitude of serving others is something we must reinforce through encouragement.  One idea, which we have discussed before, is starting a family board in the kitchen.  On this board you can write up when one of your children does something to serve another person.  Even something small should be written up.  If it is a white board you can make a weekly game to see who has the most acts of service by the end of the week and reward that child.

In order for us to be able to encourage our children we have to be very aware of their actions in order to catch them “doing right”.  It is so easy to get caught up and either not pay attention when those good moments happen or be too focused on the difficult behaviors and miss praising the good.

However you choose to encourage your children make sure that you do it.  It is a big part of reinforcing the behavior and positive reinforcement is most often what make the good behaviors a habit!!