Teaching My Child To Trust | Part 1

Trust Is Foundational To All Relationships

What exactly is trust and why is it so important? Webster’s Dictionary defines trust as, “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or Something. b: one in which confidence is placed. A charge or duty imposed in faith or confidence or as a condition of some relationship (2): something committed or entrusted to one to be used or cared for in the interest of another.” In other words, trust is the glue that holds a relationship together, as well as, the oxygen that nurtures a relationship to grow stronger. Trust and faith are often interchangeable words. Trust is mandatory for ones faith in Christ to grow and be sustained. Trust is foundational to relationships. If I can’t trust a person I can’t develop a deep relationship with them. There must be trust in order for there to be intimacy. We need to be able to count on, to trust, our loved ones and friends. The three most important relationships are built on, dependent upon, trust. A relationship with God or my faith. My relationship with my spouse and my relationship with my child.
A family cannot function properly without the key element of trust.