Teaching My Child To Trust | Part 2

When Trust Has Been Broken

Trust is so violated today. We live in a culture that believes “You can’t trust anyone.”Worst of all however, children in this culture see far too many divorces. One of the unfortunate repercussions is, if a child grows up learning that “I can’t trust my parents to stay in the relationship,” my “Truster” may get damaged. Initially every child has an intact truster. Children trust the people around them, until they learn other wise. A huge burden of responsibility falls on parents with this issue because children also trust the consistent love of their parents, until they learn otherwise. If a child grows up in an environment where trust has been continually violated the child could have difficulty forming deep relationships in the future. That child, when an adult, will have to redevelop his or her “truster.”

One of the reasons it’s difficult to trust today is because trust seems to be in all around short supply. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t report about great marriages, it tends to report about failed marriages where trust has been violated. We have been raised believing we can’t trust our leaders and maybe as a result of this pressure, many of our leaders have fallen short.
Our children desperately need to be able to trust and then transfer that “action” over to their relationship with Christ.