Teaching My Child To Trust | Part 3

Where To Begin

The parent/child relationship plays a big part, if not the most crucial part in the development of the concept of trust in a child. Parents must build the trust of their children. One of the best ways to do that is unconditional love. The way a parent handles the behavior of the child proves or disproves unconditional love. A child asks themselves, “Can I count on the love of my mom regardless of my behavior? Can I trust the first person I have an intimate relationship with to tell the truth? Can they be trusted to keep their promises? Can they be trusted not to turn on me? Can I trust them to protect me? To love me regardless of performance?” Now, because there is no such thing as a perfect parent, we will fail at times in these areas. It is what we do with these failures that also communicates that we can be trusted. We also need of know how to say I’m sorry.

Remember, trust is a “muscle” that an infant seems to come out of the womb with. It must be developed but it is easily damaged. We must take the time as parents to step back and evaluate how our actions are affecting our child’s “truster.” Are we building it up or tearing it down.