Teens and Stress | Part 4

What Can We Do?

In order to help our kids/teens cope with today’s pressures we first need to ask ourselves what’s the goal?  Often good goals over power best goals.  It is a good goal for your child to get into a good college.  It is a good goal for your child to he well rounded.  But building for my child’s college application is not worth sacrificing my child’s well being.  Like we have stated our ultimate goal of parenting is raising a child who is employable or marriageable.  In order to be either of these things we need to teach our children to be balanced.  We do not want to teach a child to be a workaholic or they will not be marriageable because they will not know how to make time for family.

So realistically what do we do?  We need to know when to say enough is enough.  If you do have a child who is a gifted athlete then let them pick the sport that they want to focus on.   They do not need to do all of them.  Make sure that you do have family time carved out.  Make the time to eat together as a family every day.  This doesn’t mean throwing food down in the car as you are trying to get to the next thing.  Get up early and sit at the breakfast table together, start the day as a family.  You can even take the time then to read a verse or two from scripture at the table to focus everyone on what really matters.    Weekly take the time to have a family night.  Put it on the calendar and require that every one is there.  Make sure that there is time in your schedule for down time as a family.  If you are looking at your schedule and can’t fit in a family night then you are too busy.  Get creative and make sure to fit it in!!!

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