Teens and Stress | Part 5

Questions About Family Time

As we are processing this topic many parents may be asking the questions what if?  If my kids have too much down time won’t they just spend it online?  Or what if my kids don’t like what we are doing on family night I don’t want to feel rejected. Many parents may not know what to do with their kids because every one has been so busy for so long they don’t really know each other anymore.

First thing we need to do is choose.  We need to choose to no matter what be together as a family.  This also means choose activities that all can be involved in.  Ultimately that means that we are choosing to be family!  That also means that we need to choose not to be discouraged and give up if changing the routine is difficult at first or if your children don’t warm up to the family night idea right away.  That’s ok!   Keep at it, you are communicating to all involved that family is important.  God made us first and foremost for relationship, relationship with Him and relationship with each other.  When we can begin to balance relationship and learn to say enough is enough then the stress will begin to be relieved because you are communicating you are important to me because you are you.

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