The 30 Imperatives of Parenting #1

#1- The Motivational “Why”

The first thing that we need to do as we look at the 30 things that we must train our children in before they go out the door, is check our motivations as parents.  Where do our priorities truly lie?  If our priority is our job or solely providing for our family, then we will spend all of our time, energy and ultimately ourselves on that.  When we get home our spouse and children will get the “leftovers”.  We need to make the choice, daily sometimes, what our priority is.  Our priorities need to be first and foremost our relationship with God, next our marriage, and thirdly our children.  Of course we need to provide for our family but that cannot ensnare all of our time and energies.

As you drive home or get up in the morning, pray and make the choice of what your priority is.  That way you go into your time with your family intentionally.  There is no way to train your children in these thirty areas if we are not intentional and treat training as a priority.   Choose, through your relationship with God, to make your relationship with your spouse and children your first priority!