The 30 Imperatives of Parenting #16

#16-Have Fun

It is so easy in parenting to get caught up in life and simply forget to have fun! This seems to happen right when we need to focus on having fun the most.  Either parents are stressed over a situation, having to really focus on a parenting issue with a child, or the family is really busy.  These are the times to make sure that you are taking time out for fun.  During crazy or stressful times for the kids in the residential program at Sheridan House, we would make sure to surprise them every so often with something fun or silly.  It would be something as simple as waiting for the van to pull in from school with a bucket filled with water balloons.  It can be something silly like that which only takes five minutes out of the schedule to communicate fun.

Kids, even our teens in residential care, will pretty much always get into a fun and silly surprise.  Whether it’s taking the long way home from school to hit up a dollar menu for a milkshake or a bucket of water balloons, put fun back into the routine.  We can’t forget that after all we are raising children, take time out for fun.


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