The 30 Imperatives of Parenting #17

# 17- Date Your Child

Something that you can do even when your children are small to help prepare them for future dating is taking them out on dates yourself.  This one on one time can help to serve many purposes for their future.

Even at a young age you can begin to instill in them how to show respect to members of the opposite sex.  For instance, if a father is taking out his young daughter, he can open doors for her ect.  If a mother is taking out her son, she can teach him how to open doors for her and begin to train him how to be a gentleman.

As years go by, maintaining these special times can set the stage for awesome communication.  Parents often wonder how they can communicate with their teens.  Consistently having a weekly “date” is a perfect way to keep open doors of communication…especially if this has been established from a young age.  See, your kids are never too young to begin this training.

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