The 30 Imperatives of Parenting #19

#19-Serving Others (We Are Here To Serve Mom)

One thing that Dad did a great job teaching us to do was serve our mom.  Most of our house-hold chores were things that would help her out and serve her.  He did a great job leading by example in this area.  He was always of the mindset that mom made dinner so it was our job to serve her and clean up the kitchen.  It was such a great lesson that taught us several things.  First it taught us how to serve.  Second it taught us that that role is to be respected and revered not taken advantage of.  Thirdly it taught my brother how a woman was to be treated and taught me how I needed to be treated one day as a wife and mother.

Family is a great place to learn how to serve each other and a perfect person to begin serving is mom.  As a mom sometimes we can be frustrated with this area.  We can easily think that’s great but that never happens in my family; or we can think I’m glad my kids are trying to serve but that just means more work for me later.  First we have to be willing sometimes to ask for help when we need it. We also need to realize that sometimes the lesson of learning to help or serve someone else is more important than the fact that you may be able to do the job more quickly and efficiently.

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