The 30 Imperatives of Parenting # 2

#2 – The Foundation Of Life

One of the things that is extremely important to how secure a building is, is its foundation.  If there is a crack or it is not a secure foundation then the building will not stand.  The first major storm or winds and it will shift or crumble.  It is the same with our children.  What we lay as the foundation for living is equally important.  That needs to be our relationship with God.

We want our children’s faith to stand the tests and the temptations when they leave our home.  The number of youth group kids that leave church after they graduate high school is staggering, research shows it is anywhere from 65-94%.  Why? Because there is not a firm foundation built.  Church becomes just a way of life or something to do, they miss that a relationship with God is something that the entirety of life is built on.  Make sure that you as a family are making that a priority in your home.  Check out the series that we did recently about how to cultivate your child’s relationship with God, by clicking here.

Take the time to set your child’s life up on a firm foundation!