#8 The Potential Cracks In The Walls- Get Out of The Way So They Can Learn

It is so tempting at times to step in and do things for our children. From cleaning their room when they are little to doing their science projects for them as they get older.  We have to let our children learn to do things for themselves.  This means that we have to take the time to, sometimes painstakingly, train them how to do things and then back off and allow them to do it.  This may mean that they (gulp) fail.   That’s ok.  We then applaud the effort and continue the training process.

This process begins when a child is very small.  We can begin with teaching our children how to clean up after themselves.  It then moves to a child learning how to clean up their room.  They will then graduate to learning how to do full blown house hold chores.  If we are consistently doing these things for them they will never learn how to effectively do them for themselves.

It is the same with school work.  We can help, and should, our children with their homework.  This can be a painstaking process and sometimes is much faster to just give a child the answer instead of teaching them how to look it up for themselves. We are not doing our child any favors if we take this approach because they will never figure out how to do the math problem or how to research the answer to that history question.

Make sure to take the time to train your child how to do things but then back off and allow them to learn through the process.