The 30 Imperatives of Parenting #9

#9 The Potential Cracks in The Walls- Raising Responsible Children By Giving Them Responsibility.

We cannot hope to raise a child who is responsible unless we are giving them areas of responsibility.  Two areas that are easy to teach a child to be responsible is money and chores. This again is something that can start when they are younger. With chores as we talked yesterday can even start teaching your toddler to clean up after themselves or put their dirty clothes in the hamper and move up from there.  Chores not only teach a child how to do basic household tasks but they also teach time management as they learn how to work chores into their schedule. In do so it ultimately teaches responsibility, “I can’t take the time to play the video game right now because I have to finish this chore.” Keep in mind that we are raising children and not mini adults so this will take consistent training, coaching and encouragement.

The second area where we can give a child responsibility is with money.  We can teach them good money habits or how to be responsible with their money, using allowance.  Using yesterday’s topic as a spring board, we have to make sure that in these areas we are training our kids and then stepping back and allowing them areas of responsibility so they can learn.