The 30 Imperatives of Parenting

The 30 Imperatives of Parenting

Jul 07

An Intro To Those 30 Things

Telling a parent that there are 30 things they need to train their child is a little overwhelming. So lets look at it this way… there are 30 things every child needs to know to be successful at what God has for them to do. Either we as parents take the time to train our children or God loves them enough to train them. For example, Jacob didn’t train Joseph, so God allowed Joseph to have a training course imposed on him. It was rugged but successful.

In the past much of this training was done automatically by the way society was set up. Usually, the child worked for the family. It was understood that the family was the primary trainer of the child and because of this the child learn responsibility. The parent didn’t have to think about it, the child’s extra set of hand were needed. Today’s parents have to be intentional.

Take the time to decide what is the best use of the limited family time.

Listen to today’s podcast for more on and an overview of these thirty things.



  1. So happy I can hear Parenting Today trough my Iphone anytime I can. I used to put the radio “on” at 2:45 to listen, on the way to CCA to pick up our children, this year we are homeschooling so I don’t listen the radio that much, great broadcast!

  2. Bob Depuy

    What methods do you have to work with ADHD?

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