The Adult Child Living at Home | Part 1

Define The Situation

It seems that many families in this economy have to move back into their parents’ home.  Some parents have adult children who have not yet moved out because of schooling or again the state of the economy and housing/job crisis.  Both ends of the circumstance may be asking the question, “what now?”

It will be helpful for both parent and adult child to take a step back and define the situation or goals for the situation.  What are the reasons behind why the adult child is at home? Some children may like the security of having mom and dad’s resources behind them so they can spend their own money the way they choose with out having to be concerned with overhead.  As we have just mentioned, there are many who have to lean on family right now because of a loss of job or home.  Others because of the high costs of education have chosen to stay at home rather then go away to college.

It will be helpful for both to define this circumstance and set goals around it.  Check back tomorrow as we continue to discuss this issue.

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