The Adult Child Living at Home | Part 2

Remember Whose House It Is

It is very important after the goals for your adult child living at home have been established, to have a conversation about boundaries.   It is especially important for college aged or young adults, to establish these boundaries if there are younger siblings around.  It is difficult for a young adult who has lived on their own to fall back under house rules but the expectations of the household should still apply.  There should still be boundaries set up for what is and is not acceptable for a college aged adult at home.

With older adult children at home, perhaps ones with families of their own, it is important to discuss the logistical boundaries to keep from stepping on each others toes.  It is also important to keep everyone in the loop as far as a schedule goes to lessen frustrations.  Even dividing up who will do things such as cooking and household chores will make everything go more smoothly.  Make sure to keep an open dialog about these issues as time goes on.

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