The Adult Child Living at Home | Part 4

The Single Parent and The Adult Child

The relationship of a single parent with their adult child at home can potentially be a complicated one.  As with every step of parenting we need to take time out to examine the relationship.  A single parent, as every parent does, needs to make sure that they are not placing getting their needs met in front of what is best for their child.  There may be the temptation to make it as easy on their child as possible so the child will want to stay, to fill the void of companionship.  This can make for a complex issue.

While it may be beneficial for both parent and adult child to be under the same roof for a time, the parent must continually take a step back and evaluate.  Just like an adult child living at home with both parents, an adult child of a single parent should have responsibilities around the house. There should also be the eventual goal of helping out financially with bills and even paying rent.  This will help the child be prepared for when they are back out on their own and will help to curb any unhealthy spending habits.

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