The Adult Child Living at Home | Part 5

The Adult Child Living at Home | Part 5

Feb 25

Don’t Enable Immature Living

One of the goals of parenting is raising a child who is marriageable.  There is a great opportunity to work on this if there is a single adult child who has returned home to live.  For the adult son, his relationship with his mom will help to mold how he treats his future wife.  As we have discussed earlier this week a mother cannot be expected to be subservient to her adult child.  If she consistently does everything for him she can be creating a detrimental expectation for marriage.  This is why we have said that an adult child who is back home needs to be expected to pull their weight.  This may be the hardest for moms with sons because of the dynamic of that relationship.

Choose to expect responsibility at home from your adult child and don’t enable immature living.

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on the topic of adult children living at home.


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