The Process of Teaching Self-Improvement

Our culture as a whole tends to be very undisciplined.  Like we discussed yesterday the concept of a New Year’s Resolution has almost become a joke in today’s society. The whole idea of “oh, the diet will start tomorrow” is how we have begun to treat all aspects of change.  This attitude has unfortunately trickled down to our children.  Many of whom have the attitude “well that’s just the way I am” so the concept of changing ones self for the better maybe a foreign one.

Many parents in an attempt to help their children have set goals for them.  This is not a bad thing but it is even harder to pursue a goal set by someone else.  What do we do as parents then? We need to train our children to be goal setters.  (more on this topic next week)

This is where you can utilize the process of a family discussion over the table and share with each other what you are going to change in the next year.  You can look back over the year together and say if what would I do differently if I could get a redo in one area.  This could be a springboard to a discussion on goal setting for the year to come.