Being Moldable

Each age group has different areas to work on.  I have heard an illustration pertaining to raising children that I believe fits for goal setting.  Raising children is like pouring cement for a foundation. (their life’s foundation)  Early childhood/elementary school you are pouring the cement or setting up rules boundaries, guidelines.  Teaching them things like “no means no”.  By middle school the cement is poured but is still fluid. The kind you can move around with a shovel.  By high school age the cement is starting to set it is thicker but still impressionable.  Adulthood is where you have to crack it to move it around. (Why it is harder for us to change unless we have been consistently open to change and things we need to work on in our lives. Allowing ourselves to be moldable.)

This is what we need to think about as we are guiding our children through the process of learning the discipline of change.  We don’t want to become so set in our ways that we cannot be teachable and moldable for what God has for us.  Being set in their ways or having the “well that’s just who I am mentality” doesn’t make someone very easy to be married to or have as an employee.