Cheer Your Children Into Change

First we start out by identifying the area that we need to change.  In our children’s case we help them to process an area to work on.  Utilize the family discussion that we mentioned earlier, processing what we would do differently if we were allowed a do over from the previous year.

Next we can teach by example. Which is why it is so valuable to do this together as a family. Be open with your children about what you are going to do work on.  Then allow them to observe your personal self discipline as your work toward your goal.

Next we have to find the fine line between helping our children and nagging them.  For instance, if your child has decided that they want to do better at keeping their room clean, don’t consistently ask when are you going to clean your room.  Even worse would be using their goal as a weapon, “Remember you said you wanted to do better this year in this area.” Help them with the how to’s of achieving the goal, such as going up to their room ten minutes early to straighten before bed.

We next have to decide to be our child’s biggest fan.  Find something to cheer about everyday.  When you walk by them straightening their room encourage them, even if you are thinking “finally!” Cheer if they remember on their own to head up to their room ten minutes early.

Finally we have to allow for day’s of failure.  We all have bad days and we all have days where we are going to mess up.  That’s ok! Help your child to pick themselves back up the next day and try again.  Don’t let them give up on their goal!