The Discipline of Change | Part 5

Why This Process is So Important

Through out parenting we have to remember that it is about the process not the end result.  Teaching our child how to have the discipline to make changes is very important even if the fall short of the original goal.  It is more about the process and discipline.  For those of us who are more end result type people it may help us to focus on why it is so important for our children to learn this discipline.  Why is this such an important exercise.

We have developed such a “victim mentality” in our culture today.  Victims think that it is “not my fault”.  This is “just the way I am”.  I am this way because this happened to me or my parents…  Now while it is true our past tends to shape who we are and many in today’s society have been through some horrible things.  At some point we do begin to make decisions for ourselves and we have to be responsible for those choices.  Many have been so caught up in a destructive pattern that they ultimately don’t know how to change.   This is not something that a parent wants to watch their child go through.  That is why it is so imperative that we help our children learn the discipline of change.  Being able to see the things/areas in their own lives that may need to be worked on and be able to have the discipline to make the changes necessary in their lives.


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