A Summary Of The Process

We speak often about training our children, but what does that training process look like? This week we are going to look at exactly that.  The awesome thing is we don’t have to attempt to put together a training process by ourselves.  We have an example of how to train our children by watching how Jesus trained His disciples.

The first thing Jesus did was set the ultimate example for His disciples, showing them daily how to live.  He showed them many things, how to minister to people, how to deal with conflict, how not to walk by needs around them, how to handle money rather then be handled by money, as well as many other things.  He didn’t just tell them how to do things; He showed them.  The next thing that Jesus did for his disciples in the training process was to expose them to the things He wanted to train them in.  He brought them with Him while He was ministering.  They not only got to see Him do ministry, He let them play a part in it.

Thirdly, Jesus sent them out, He let them experience what they needed to learn.  They went out in pairs to practice alone and then came back to report to Him.  Lastly, Jesus encouraged them.  They got to hear Him pray for them, as well as observe Him as He served them.

We will spend the rest of this week breaking down these principles to see how they apply to our parenting process.


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