#4 = Encourage

Encouragement is another vital part of the training experience. We must encourage the process not necessarily the result.  This means that we have to focus on the effort that a child puts forth.  This is true of any age group. It is so easy with the three year old who has attempted to help clean up to focus on all the toys they missed rather then the effort they put forth trying.  The same for a child who brings home a grade a little lower then expected after spending lots of time on a project or studying for a test.  We must applaud effort.  We spent a week series on this topic that you can check out by clicking here.

We must remember that parenting is all about the process.  We can get so bogged down trying to focus on the result of good behavior or good grades.  We need to remember that we are raising children with the goal of a responsible adult; they aren’t there yet.  So just as we give a consequence for a poor choice we must give a “reward” for a good choice.  The reward can be as simple as communicating that they did a good job, it is encouraging to simply know someone has noticed the effort you put forth. Choose to become your child’s biggest cheerleader!


Listen to today’s podcast for more on this topic.