The Impact of Divorce | Part 2

The Impact of Divorce | Part 2

Mar 14

The Reason Divorce Impacts The Child

Today’s topic is a painful one but it must be touched on. We must look at the reason behind divorce playing a role in the development of the child. While any reason can be devastating each situation brings its own set of complications.  The myth that we are no longer compatible as a reason for divorce, can cause the child to question their own value.  They may wonder if they were not enough for mom and dad to work things out.  It is sad that they would place those kinds of questions on their own shoulders but  can be the reality of this difficult situation.

The sin of violence or abusive situation can be obviously extremely detrimental to a child emotionally.  It can rock them to their very core the fact that the one who was suppose to be their protector is the one inflicting pain on either themselves or other family members.

Other reasons behind divorce may or may not be information that the child has access to.  Certain addictions such as pornography are usually things that are kept behind closed doors.  Even marital infidelity may be something that the child has no knowledge of.  If they do know about it, again this knowledge can be even more devastating to a child.  I am reminded of the poignant scene in the movie “Hope Floats” where the little girl finally grasps that her daddy is leaving for good and not taking her with him because he is beginning a life with the woman he had an affair with.


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