The Impact of Divorce | Part 3

The Impact of Divorce | Part 3

Mar 15

What Divorce Does To The Security of a Child

Another difficult issue that we must examine is, what does divorce do to the security of the child.  Again, the reason why it is important to address these issues is the fact that the more knowledge that we have about a topics like this the more we know how to help children around us.

The family is suppose to and to designed to be the soil/foundation from which the child grows.  They gain emotional nourishment and support from family in order to thrive.  When the family structure is torn apart their foundation is rocked.  This impacts their sense of security and belonging.

We can see the impact of divorce on the sense of security through the stages that children of divorce go through.  Infants/Babies-go through the age of helplessness.  You can observe this when they become more clingy/needy and less independent.  The preschool/early childhood children go through the age of guilt.  Because they are so young, they cannot emotionally process what is going on and take on the guilt of the situation.  Older children grieve the situation, which is why they go through the age of sadness.  Preteens grieve the situation through anger, which is why their stage is called the age of anger.  Teenagers, as we can see all through out today’s society, go through the age of false maturity.

There are many reasons behind, as well as actions exhibited, through each of these phases, for more listen to today’s podcast.