The Impact of Divorce | Part 5

The Impact of Divorce | Part 5

Mar 17

Making Kids The Priority and Resources

We mentioned yesterday how as parents our children must be our priority.  Today we are just going to ask some questions to process in order to keep our children a priority as well as some resources if you need more information/support on the topic of divorce.

The questions are… Have I dealt with my baggage?

Am I am careful what I am saying around and to my children?

Am I going slow through this process and not expecting a quick fix?

Is this really what God wants me /us to do?

What will I be glad I did years from now?


Here are some resources for more information

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce, By Jydith Wallerstein

Helping The Child With Divorce, by Neal Buchanan and Eugene Chamberlain

Divorce And The Children, by H.S. Vigeveno and Anne Claire

Growing Up Divorced, by Linda Bird Francke

Divorce Care, by Steve Grissom and Kathy Leonard

The Divorce Decision, by Gary Richmond


As always listen to today’s podcast for more insight on this topic.