The Importance of Healthy Relationships in Your Child’s Life | Part 4

The Importance of Healthy Relationships in Your Child’s Life | Part 4

Sep 08

The Discipline Factor and It’s Spiritual Impact

One of the most important areas for a parent child relationship is how we discipline. There are two phrases that we use when teaching parents and they are “Rules without relationship lead to rebellion” as well as “Relationship without rules leads to rebellion.” It is a balancing act. The amazing thing is that because we tend to marry our opposite, one parent usually is high-end relationship while the other focuses more on the rules. We need to make sure that we know which one we are so we can be sure to find a balance. Because we are the first example of our Heavenly Father to our children, we must take finding this balance seriously. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that you are not becoming the consequence yourself or pulling away from your child relationally while giving a consequence. It is also imperative that after a consequence is given, you must take time to “repair” relationship. Sit with your child, give them a hug and reassure them that you love them. Also keep in mind that your child who is being the most difficult to deal with at the moment, usually is the one that you need to invest the most in relationally. Check out this series, by clicking here, for more on separating the relationship from the discipline.


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