Talking Through And About Conflict

This week we have been talking about the importance of making communication training a priority in parenting. We have also mentioned that knowing how to communicate is a vital characteristic to have for a successful marriage.  Teaching your child the basics of communication is important because it will lay the foundation for them to develop into successful communicators with their future spouse.   As your child grows the home should be a training ground to teach things such as how to communicate feelings, learn to ask for and grant forgiveness and work through disagreements.

All of us have personality and temperament bents that can affect our communication style.  Some of us are stubborn and don’t like to give in during an argument while others find it fun to argue just for arguing sake.  People who are more laid back may not want to offend by sharing a differing opinion.  Still others may clam up when asked how they feel.  Through out childhood and adolescence we can begin to decipher our child’s communication style and help them process through any pitfalls that may come with their particular personality.