Utilizing Grandparents and Other Adults

A last great venue for teaching communication is one that is sometimes overlooked.  It is the grandparent.  In today’s transient culture many families don’t live down the street from each other anymore.  In fact, many don’t even live in the same state.  The tragedy of this is that for most families the grandparent is an awesome tool  for teaching communication.  Many would love to do nothing more than listen and give of their time to their beloved grandchildren.  This is a great tool because it also teaches children how to relate to a person of a different generation but also can be a wealth of wisdom because of life experience.

Many families don’t live close to their grandparents and some unfortunately don’t have great relationships with their grandparents.  This is where there is a great advantage to having a church home.   There are many couples whose children are far away that can be great “adopted grandparents” for your family.