The Decision To Place My Child In Daycare

For the somewhat controversial topic of daycare we first need to mention that there are many families out there today, especially in this economy, which have no options as far as daycare is concerned.  For the families that do have an option the impacts of putting your child in daycare must be weighed.  Any family who uses daycare must be prepared for some of the challenges it brings.

Today we need to look at the question of why many place their children in daycare.  Like we stated previously many families have no options, single parent families and families hit hard by the current economic state are examples.  For parents who do have options what are the reasons for choosing to place your child in daycare? Some of the reasons that have been stated are, to socialize my child, to use my degree to further my career and make a difference, to give my child a PreK schooling experience so they can get ahead in school, and finally putting a child in daycare always makes good financial sense.  Many of these are myths, which we are going to spend time this week breaking down so you as a parent can feel you are making an educated decision about daycare.  As we stated previously if there is no option due to your circumstance then you will be able to face possible issues head on because you are prepared for them.


Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on this topic.