The Emotional Issues Linked to Daycare

There are some emotional issues that come up when placing your child in daycare which need to be addressed.  The earlier the child is placed in care the greater the impact of these issues.  Research has stated that it can diminish bonding with the mother, which can lead to emotional issues in the future.   It states, ”infants’ emotional development may be disrupted with the attachment process is undermined by the repeated extended separation involved in placing an infant in fully time daycare. “

Emotional stability is created and maintained in the home environment.  The current societal mentality seems to be pushing parents to be facilitators of their children rather then nurtures.  If your children spend all day out of the home it can feed this mentality, as you are rushing to get home from work, pick up your child, get dinner, everyone cleaned and to bed, only to do again tomorrow.  This hectic schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for the nurturing of young children.

Lastly we need to remember that we as parents are the ones who’s responsibility it is to mirror God’s unconditional love.  We are the ones who are to applaud the character and effort of our children not the performance.  This is very difficult to do when we are constantly rushing because we have to truly and deeply know our children.


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