The Power of Our Words | Part 2

The Power of Our Words | Part 2

Aug 16

Our Words and Daughters

Girls, for the most part, tend to be more verbal creatures and because of this we need to be even more careful how we talk to our daughters.  Our words can have an even bigger impact on them.

Dads in particular have an amazing amount of power behind their words.  Their words can mold and shape who their daughter will become.  Sadly, most men are unaware of the kind of power their words hold.  Many times a girl will determine how she is suppose to be talked to by how her father communicates to her.  Another thing that a girl will use to determine how women are to be treated, is how her father treats and talks to her mother.  We need to be very careful as parents even how we are talking to each other. Are we communicating our love and respect for each other even in disagreements?

Dads with daughters need to be especially careful to build up and edify their daughters.  They need to communicate how valuable and loved their daughter is.  Take the time to evaluate how and what you are communicating to your daughter. Her future may depend on it!

Listen to today’s podcast for more about communication and daughters.


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