The Power of Our Words | Part 3

The Power of Our Words | Part 3

Aug 17

Encouraging More than Physical Beauty

It is very easy for our daughters to be wrapped up in appearances.  Even though great strides have been made for women, today’s media still seems to put beauty in the forefront for women to achieve.  Why else are there still models that are unhealthy because they are so thin or actresses who feel the need to have plastic surgery?   Here in south Florida even radio stations are playing adds for non-essential plastic surgeries.  This is the culture that our daughters have to grow up in but we as parents can help our daughters fight this pressure.

This is where our words are so important.  First we need to remind our daughters that no matter what they are beautiful.  While it sounds cliché, true beauty is really found on the inside.  How many times do we think someone is beautiful because of who they are? There is radiance to character.

Secondly we need to be careful to compliment our daughters on more than their appearance.  Make sure to daily compliment your kids on things they do well, but especially you daughter.  We need to notice and speak up when they make the right choice. We also need to look for and give opportunities for any talents that our daughters have to blossom.  Make it a priority for your daughter to know she is worth so much more than simply what she looks like.

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