The Power of Our Words | Part 4

The Power of Our Words | Part 4

Aug 18

Investing in Your Son

Verbally investing in your children needs to be something that is done daily.  We discussed the importance of investing in your daughter, but what about a son?

Four words that go a very long way for a son are, “I’m Proud of You!”  Affirmation for a young boy is pivotal.  For a girl it seems that they ultimately want to hear, “I notice you, because you are important to me.”  For a boy it is more, “ I notice what you are doing, because you are important to me.”  How many times do we hear from our sons, mom/dad watch this?  They want to know that they are doing a good job and that we are proud of the job they are doing. This seems to be the child version of the verses in Ephesians 5. These verses on marriage  discuss the needs of the male and female.  Men need the respect of their wives and wives need to feel the unconditional love of their husbands.

Remember, even if things aren’t done exactly how we would want them, we must applaud the effort.  Applauding effort not only outcomes is key!  For example, if you have given your young son a job, like cleaning up his toys, even if they are not put back exactly how you would have there still needs to be affirmation and encouragement.  This goes such along way!  If a boy doesn’t receive this affirmation, especially from dad, he may go through his life constantly seeking the approval of others.

Make sure that you are looking for ways to affirm your son and remind him just how proud you are of his effort in whatever he does!!!

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on the power of your words in your son’s life!


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