The Rebellious Teen | Part 3

The Rebellious Teen | Part 3

Sep 21

Don’t Let Your Teen Dictate Your Relationship

When dealing with a rebellious teen, it can be difficult to want to pursue relationship.  It may seem like your teen is pushing you away, but it doesn’t mean that we give up on relationship.  Just like we mentioned yesterday that relationship is key for the teen years.  In fact, the more it seems like our child is rebelling the more important that pursuit of relationship is.  It is also important to remember that we can’t be their best friend.  It is a balance with a line of authority.  We can however be their greatest fan.  Make sure especially during these times of push back that we are not only applauding victory, but cheering on the effort.

Affection is another area that may be difficult for a parent with a teen who is challenging them.  It is so easy when a child is younger because there is constant affection and touch as we are holding them and helping them do things.  Look for ways of age appropriate touch with your teen.

Finally, the “don’ts”, don’t waste time thinking about what you can’t do; do what you can.  Don’t waste time thinking about what wasn’t done for you; do what you know you need to do for your teen.

Take the time to continually pursue your teen, regardless of their initial response.  And above all pray! Pray for your child’s heart and your wisdom through this period.


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