The Single Parent | Part 1

The Single Parent | Part 1

Mar 21

Where Are You Getting Your Hope From?

This week’s topic is another that we all can gain wisdom about, because either we ourselves are going through the situation or there will be friends or family members who may.  This week’s topic is single parenting.

The single parent journey must begin (or from this point forward) by thinking through long term priorities and goals.  Whether the single parent journey is a result of divorce, abandonment, death or because the parent chose to not get married, there is often the overwhelming sense of aloneness.  Being alone in the ominous job of single parenting can cause the parent to think short term and often out of desperation.

The choice of mindset, and this sounds so cliché, is the focus needs to be that we are not alone.   God made us several promises, “I will never leave you or forsakes you” and “Greater is He who is in me then He who is in the world,”  He also promises to be a Father to the fatherless.  Even though there are times where we feel alone or lonely we must not allow ourselves to get overwhelmed by those emotions and focus on the One who will get us through.

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