The Single Parent | Part 3

The Single Parent | Part 3

Mar 22

Installing the Parenting Plan

If first comes taking back the right way of thinking, or taking back your mindset and reminding yourself you are not alone, then secondly comes taking back your emotions.  Third would be taking back your home.  This means it is not about the state of the house.  Remind yourself that it’s condition is not an appraisal of your self-esteem.  Our home is not things its family.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things to do especially when there are so many irons in the fire of trying to do things like work, parent, manage finances, and maintain some sense of order.  Again this all starts with a choice. First the choice is that family is the priority not just maintain order in the chaos.  With that being said one way to help have more family time is to avoid the “tyranny of the urgent” and find a plan that works for your home.  We have mentioned many times before that children of all ages can be taught, and should be taught, to do chores.  This takes some of the load off of the single parent.  If each family member is in charge of their own space as well as at least one additional area it helps to even out the load.  Each single parent family will look different in this because of the ages of the children.  There is not cookie cutter solution to a plan to get your family organized but take the time to find one to work for you.  Simple things such as scheduling, meal planning, and chores are easy things to help fight that over whelmed and out of control feeling and begin to bring order to your home and family.

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