Getting the Right Mindset

Finally this week we are going to discuss one more choice that needs to be made.  Decide what makes a family and do it.  First is, allowing children to be children.  This may mean setting up some boundaries.  Remind yourself that you are the parent and not their friend.  This may mean that they are not your confidant.  Make sure that you find a friend or prayer partner that you can confide in.  When you place this role on your children, usually the oldest, you put to much on their shoulders.  They need to be allowed to have a childhood.

Secondly when we think of family we think of traditions.  Take the time to have traditions in your home.  Holiday traditions are important but even weekly or monthly traditions can help create the family atmosphere.   Something like a fun breakfast on Saturday or once a month service project are memories that your children will have as they grow up.

Finally remind yourself Whose children they really are anyway.   It is such an amazing thing that God chooses to entrust us with these little lives.  Encourage yourself with the knowledge that you were chosen as the parent of your children.  God doesn’t make mistakes!

Listen to today’s podcast for more insight on this topic.