The Single Parent | Part 6

The Single Parent | Part 6

Mar 27

Getting The Right Mindset- Part 2

We can all get caught up in the “tyranny of the urgent” lifestyle but that is not conducive for meeting long -term goals.  Because the focus needs to be on long-term goals two questions must be asked.  What are the goals for the family/parenting? What are things that can derail the goals in my life?

Secondly we need to focus on the hope that is there for us.  We have mentioned before that we are not in this alone.  God is the one who is orchestrating our lives if we allow Him to.  That in and of itself should bring great comfort.  It is also a great reminder that some of the worlds top leaders from the early 1900s, and many today,  had something in common, they were raised by single mothers.

Take the time to sit down and cast vision for yourself and your family.  Then break it down into long term and short term goals.  When you can take a step back and focus on the big picture it helps us in the day to day.


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