The Single Parent | Part 7

The Single Parent | Part 7

Mar 28

Dealing With The “Yeast” of Guilt

We have discussed taking back your mindset,  today we are going to discuss taking back your parenting.  This means that we need to deal with the guilt of the situation. Many times in a single parent home two things can happen, because of guilt the children are dictating a parenting plan or the exhaustion of a parent is dictating a parenting plan.  When this happens it only adds to the frustration and confusion of all because there is no consistency.  Find a plan, a simple plan, and stick with it.  Don’t’ allow yourself to come in exhausted from a day and give in because you just “don’t feel like dealing with it”.  This will only lead to greater problems in the future.  A great series to check out to help with this is called “The Power of No”, click here to check it out.

Remember why you are doing what you are doing.  Long term goal is not to be your children’s friend but to be their parent, their trainer.


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