Elementary Years

The purpose behind parenting is to raise a successful, God-honoring adult.  We give our children a key to success when we are consistent with no.  We are ultimately training them how to say no.  A skill they will need for adulthood is ability to say no in the face of temptation.

One of the way’s we can be consistent with no is by utilizing the ICE plan.  The ICE plan begins to teach our children that they are responsible for their own decisions.  It allows the parent to be the giver of a reward for a good decision or the consequence for the poor decision.  The “I” in the ICE plan stands for instruction.  We need to instruct our children about our expectations for their behavior.  “C” stands for consequence.  We also need to inform our children of the consequence if their behavior doesn’t meet the expectations.  The “E” stands for exercise.  We need to step back and allow our children to make the decision.  Allowing them to make the decision is what helps them for the future.  We will not be there when they are older standing over their shoulder telling them what to do.  By utilizing this plan we are training future leaders by training our children to be good decision makers!