The Stages of the Development of “The Power of No” | Part 4

Middle and High School Years

As we have discussed before there are two very important keys to discipline.  The first is consistency, which is the area that we have been focusing on all week.   The second part of discipline is equally important. We need to maintain consistency without withdrawing our relationship from our children.  When we withdraw our relationship we become part of the consequence.  It is tempting to withdraw when we take their behavior personally.  We have to keep in perspective that even if we maintain consistency in our discipline they are still children and will make mistakes.

Some of the ways we can communicate that the relationship is damaged while we are disciplining is through words we say, such as, “I don’t want to see your face for the rest of the night.” We also can communicate a relational withdraw through yelling or our body language.  It is our responsibility as adults to go and sit with our children after discipline and communicate our love.  We must mirror our Heavenly Father in this area.  His discipline is to guide and protect us but He never withdraws His comfort and love.


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