Dealing with Adult Children

There are many reasons why it is difficult for parents to be consistent with “no”.  One reason is disagreements between spouses.  If mom and dad aren’t on the same page it makes it very difficult to be consistent with discipline.

Another reason why some parents may find it difficult is that they want to please their kids.   Every parent should have the desire to see our children happy. However, giving in to our kids when they are unhappy because they did not get their way is not setting them up for future success.

Some parents begin to second-guess themselves when there is questioning and pressure from other parents around them.  Not everyone in Christian circles will parent the same way; some will allow themselves to be more influenced by culture around them.  We need to set the standards for our children and be consistent.

There are countless more reasons why parents have difficulty making sure their no means no.   If you are struggling in this area take some time to analyze why this may be difficult for you because this is such an important area for your children’s future success.