The Value of Fun | Part 2

The Value of Fun | Part 2

May 24

Laughter is Therapeutic


Laughter for all ages is therapeutic.  You can even feel it physically after you have laughed really hard.  Psychology Today cites that the average four year old laughs 300 times a day and the average 40 year old only 4! What a difference!  According to the same article, “research shows that laughter reduces stress hormone levels, increases endorphins, neurotransmitters and infections-fighting antibodies; and improves blood flow to the heart- which results in greater relaxation and resistance to disease, as well as improved mood and positive outlook. “

If you have noticed laughter is “catching”.  Sometimes all it takes is simply watching others laugh.  There was a commercial out recently which followed people of all ages laughing, so apparently, laughter is even powerful enough to sell products.

Laughter somehow binds us together.  When you share an experience of deep laughter with someone it seems to break down walls and almost makes you feel closer to that person.  If this is the case what can it do for a family?  Take the time to be silly and laugh with your family, even if it is at your own expense. Truly enjoy each other!


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