The Value of Fun | Part 5

The Value of Fun | Part 5

May 27

Fun Can Be Physical

In our house growing up we tended to take game night to extremes.  It was usually because dad would make things ridiculous to keep us laughing. Some how one night a game of spoons, which is a relatively quiet and calm game, became a game we from then on dubbed “body spoons.” So instead of the spoons being in the middle of the table and each person quietly and secretly taking one when they had gotten the allotted number of cards; the cards were placed across the room.  It ended up being “dog pile the first person to the spoons”.  We would all end up strewn across the floor dying laughing, as dad could be found lying face down faking the need for resuscitation.

The point of this ridiculousness is that children need a physical outlet for family fun.  It doesn’t have to be as extreme as our spoons game.  Maybe it is something as simple as bike rides, walking to a picnic, or throwing a ball together.  Positive physical fun makes for great memories as well as bonding times.  Take the time to plan in a physical outlet for fun into family time!


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